It’s all alive, depending on the scale you want to check, big or small. We can find ecosystems around an area or the entire planet. For the inside to work, we have thought of balance.

We use green plants that have their natural habitat in the sub-tropical climate. Which fits perfectly in a closed ecosystem where the humidity can be high. If we put the sphere in direct sunlight, the balance is disturbed and the cycle crashes.

The animals are needed in a long-term system, so we have jumping tails in the ground as decomposers. For them to thrive, it is good to keep 15-20 degrees in the sphere. In this way, there is not too much condensation on the glass and you can see more clearly.

In order for the glass to stay clear on the inside, we have activated carbon in the base. Activated carbon removes contaminants from the water and improves clarity. If the temperature drops below 15 degrees in the sphere, the carbon stops fulfilling its function.

Plants will die, it is natural and here you can follow the magic of the cycle. When a plant dies, it is rumbled down by the soil which picks up the nutrients and gives energy to the plants. The plants absorb the water from the earth through their roots and sunlight through the leaves to create photosynthesis which in turn forms sugar, which the plants feed on to be able to give off the vital energy to us, oxygen. What we humans breathe in order to survive on this planet. That is why we at Planticum want to remind humanity to nurture Mother Earth.